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Our Services

Below is a listing of our most widely requested tests, but is not a complete catalog of the services we offer. Please give us a call to discuss how we can meet your individual needs.

Pricing for Most Requested Tests (Effective January 01, 2022)

Growing Media Testing

EMM-100​     Complete Soilless Media Analysis - $40.00​

TM-920        Complete Physical Properties Analysis - $120.00

TM-900.1     Non Selective General Pathology Screen on Soilless Media (Bacteria & Fungus) - $175.00

Plant Tissue Testing

EMT-300      Complete Tissue Analysis - $40.00

TM-900.3     General Pathology Analysis of Plant Tissue (Bacteria & Fungus) - $120.00

TM-500.4     Chloride Analysis - $30.00

Water Testing

EMW-400     Irrigation Suitability Assay - $40.00

​TM-900.4     Non Selective General Pathology Screen of Irrigation Water (Bacteria & Fungus) - $175.00

Fertilizer & Liming Material Testing

EMF-500      Complete Analysis of Liquid Fertilizer (ready to apply) - $40.00

EMF-501      Complete Analysis of Water Soluble Fertilizer (COA) - $150.00

​EMF-502      Complete Analysis of Water Insoluble Solid Fertilizer (COA) - $175.00

​TM-900.5     Non Selective General Pathology Screen on (ready to apply) Liquid Fertilizer (Bacteria & Fungus) - $175.00  

Soil Testing

EMS-200      Complete Analysis of Soils - $40.00

TM-912.2     Parasitic Nematode Identification - $60.00